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EchoStar Launches

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  • EchoStar 105

  • EchoStar XXI

  • EchoStar XXIII


EchoStar 105

EchoStar Satellite Services L.L.C. will use EchoStar 105, to be positioned at the 105° West orbital slot, to provide 50-state Ku-band transponder capacity to meet the needs of media and broadcast organizations, enterprise customers, U.S. government service providers and military applications.

EchoStar 105, a high-powered satellite with a 24x36 MHz Ku-band payload, will be deployed at the 105 degrees West orbital location, replacing the capacity that EchoStar currently offers via the AMC-15 satellite. EchoStar 105 will provide expanded coverage of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean to our customers for applications including video distribution, data communications and backhaul services.

Manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space and based on the Eurostar E3000 platform, EchoStar 105 is scheduled to launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 vehicle.

Launch Date:  Launched at 6:53 PM on
October 11, 2017

Launch Provider and Vehicle: SpaceX Falcon 9

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*Schedule as of August 25; all launch dates are estimated and subject to change.


EchoStar XXI

EchoStar XXI, a state-of-the-art S-band satellite owned and operated by EchoStar, will be positioned at the 10.25° East orbital slot. EchoStar subsidiary EchoStar Mobile Limited, will utilize a portion of EchoStar XXI’s capacity to provide mobile satellite services (MSS) capacity throughout Europe, including the European Union. EchoStar Mobile is an EU-wide licensee for an integrated mobile satellite service network with a complementary ground component.

Launched: June 8 at 9:45 AM Baikonur
(June 7 at 11:45 PM ET)

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Press Releases

EchoStar XXI Satellite Completes Final Preparations for Shipment

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Sept. 22, 2016—EchoStar Corporation (NASDAQ: SATS) announced today that the EchoStar XXI satellite―to be located at 10.25° East―has been certified “ready to ship” by spacecraft manufacturer Space Systems Loral (SSL).


EchoStar XXIII

EchoStar XXIII is a highly flexible, Ku-band broadcast satellite services (BSS) satellite with four main reflectors and multiple sub-reflectors supporting multiple mission profiles. Initial commercial deployment of EchoStar XXIII will be at 45° West, and the Satellite End of Life (EOL) Power is 20 kilowatts (kW).

Launched: March 16 at 2:00 AM EDT

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Press Releases

*All launch dates estimated and subject to change.